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If You Fail To Plan,
You Plan To Fail

That is why we plan to sail

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The senior management of Steel & Alloy carry out an annual strategic review of the business, reviewing the previous year’s performance and setting key targets for improved performance year on year covering:

  • Health and Safety
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Product Quality
  • Production Efficiency
  • Profitability

This review is formulated into the companies’ annual business plan, which comprises the following key aspects:

  • Financial budgets and five year rolling forecast
  • Development plans to achieve targets set
  • Human resource plans including employee development and succession
  • Assessment of compliance with laws and regulations including corporate governance
  • Improved use of technology

The key objectives developed during our strategic planning are the cornerstone of our business and are communicated to all Steel & Alloy employees and are monitored and reported on monthly.